The Legend of the Red Cliff

The Legend of the Red Cliff is a concept for an IP about Dutch folktales, myths and other curious tales. It is an epic and magical adventure of Dutch folktales aimed at teenagers. With this series we intend to bring these lost stories back from obscurity and reanimate them into the 21st century. This project is a collaboration between Lesley Blom, Rozemarijn Kon and Wolfer Freijsen.

The concept for The Legend of the Red Cliff is based on the Frysian folklore of the Red Cliff. Although it serves as a main source of inspiration, we have taken many creative liberties. The story of the animated series focuses on Duna, a young girl aspiring to become a Witch, and Joris, a young boy desperately wanting to become a knight! When the Dragon Stavo is released from its prison by accident, Duna and Joris will need to take responsibility for their actions, encountering many strange creatures and interesting people along the way.

This project has been selected for pitching at Cartoon Springboard 2022 in Madrid!


My contribution to the Red Cliff consists of directing the creation of a unique world that both the characters and viewers can explore. The World of Red Cliff is based on different folklore, creating a unique blend of people, cultures, religion, mythical creatures and strange places. Connecting different folklore to a certain location in the world creates opportunities for a concise and immersive world.

The world of Red Cliff consists of different places and cultures based on a variety of architecture and its ideological connection. For example, the people of Stavoren are living in a city based on Gothic architecture, wherein the mentality of its people is dominated by the dogma of memento mori. This is coming from the fear of the legendary dragon Stavo. While the big city, Damstad, is based on baroque architecture and safe from dark powers but as a result the people live the dogma of carpe diem and are transient. Throughout the land the remains of an ancient and decadent civilization long forgotten are still visible and are inspired by Art Deco.

Character sketches by Rozemarijn Kon

This project is a concept for an IP by Lesley Blom, Wolfer Freijsen en Rozemarijn Kon. You can watch our work in progress teaser: