About me

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My name is Lesley Blom, and I am an environmental artist based around the area of Rotterdam. I draw from my education in animation and urban design to create animations, illustrations and maps, with a strong focus on environments and worldbuilding where it all comes together!

The core of what I do with my work is visualizing narratives and connecting complex issues to create a unique concept that has a balance between science and art. The format for this narrative and concept can be an animation, illustration or even a map!

To end on a personal note: my favorite song is Lose Yourself by Eminem, a rap song that tells the personal struggle of Marshall Mathers masterfully. In terms of animation I love character driven stories that explore the personality of a character, because they help me reflect on my own reality. These types of animations feel like they try to make a difference and it’s fascinating that animation is able to make you feel understood on a personal level. The End of Evangelion and Bojack Horseman are two animations that influenced me the most as a person and artist.


2021 – Winning design proposal for a design competition of a playground in Tarwewijk, Rotterdam.


2022 – Graduated as Master of Animation at the AKV St. Joost – Master Institute of Visual Culture in ‘s Hertogenbosch

2020 – Graduated as Animator at the Willem the Kooning Acadamy in Rotterdam

2016 – Graduated as Urban Designer and Spatial Planner at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

2012 – Graduated as Interior Designer at the Da Vinci Academy for Secondary Vocational Education in Dordrecht