About me

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My name is Lesley Blom, and I am an animator and concept designer based around the area of Rotterdam. I draw from my education in animation and urban design to create animations, illustrations and maps, with a strong focus on environments where it all comes together!

The core of what I do with my work is visualizing narratives and connecting complex issues to create a unique concept that have a balans between science and art. The format for this narrative and concept can be an animation, illustration or even a map! My goal with my work is to make our complex world a little clearer for everyone.

I have a strong fascination for exploring our world’s deep and complex history and discovering the mysteries of outer space! I love films and novels that excel in creating a believable and deep world that tells a story on its own, with a complexity that you can uncover on your own. I like to play games with a lot of immersion and strategic thinking. And last but not least, I also like to read books about human history and expand my understanding of the current (and very intricate) world we live in today!


2021 – Winning design proposal for a design competition of a playground in Tarwewijk, Rotterdam.


2020 – Graduated as Animator at the Willem the Kooning Acadamy in Rotterdam

2016 – Graduated as Urban Designer and Spatial Planner at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

2012 – Graduated as Interior Designer at the Da Vinci Academy for Secondary Vocational Education in Dordrecht

Work experience

2019 Internship at Studio Pupil, Character animation studio based in Amsterdam

2016 Graduation Thesis at the Municipality of Rotterdam, Urban Development. Reseaarch on the water challanges in Jakarta, Indonesia, and designing a resilient Water Square in an Urban Environment

2014Internship at KuiperCompagnons (architectural firm) in Rotterdam

2010 – 2012 Internship and work at Gort Modern Living (furniture shop) in Sliedrecht