Crossing the ImagiNation (2020)

This is my graduation film. I combine my fascination for architecture with animation to create a poetic video essay. Based on Invisible Cities (Italo Calvino) and Heart of Darkness (Joseph Conrad) the film explores cities of the mind and their hidden meanings. Click on the title for more information about my graduation project!

The Legend of the Red Cliff (2020)

In this group project I focus on my fascination for cartography and worldbuilding for a concept of an animated series. This epic and magical adventure of Dutch folktales attempts to revive interest in folktales by bringing it to the 21st century. Click on the title for more details about its current development!

Atmosphere (2018)

In this concept I combine my fascination for space exploration with animation to create a simulation in Virtual Reality for the mental health of astronauts. Click on the title for more details on the concept for the virtual simulation!

Clipphanger (2019)

Clipphanger is a tv- and web series. These short and wacky animations are educational and funny. I was provided with a voice-over narration in order to create the visuals from its initial draft to the final result you can watch here:

Urban Design Explainimations (2017)

As a participant at the International Symposium and Design Competition for the National University of Singapore I enquire how Bangkok (Thailand) can become water resilient in the future. I collaborated with a friend and colleague to create an Urban Design Plan. Accommodating this project, proposal I translated our research and design into an animation.

This animation only uses visuals to define the future of Alexanderstad (Rotterdam) in 2040.